Swahili Christian Movie Trailer | Utiaji Kasumba ya Kikomunisti Nyumbani


Chinese Christian Zheng Yi and his sister have accepted God's gospel of the last days, but they are faced with the strong obstruction and coercion of their father who is a minister at a municipal United Front Work Department—this gives rise to an intense spiritual battle within the family. Zheng Yi and his sister use Almighty God's words to refute the CCP government's lies and rumors one by one, but out of angry desperation, their father heartlessly expels his son, daughter, and wife from the house in order to hold on to his own official position…. Brother and sister resolutely choose to follow Christ; they continue to spread and bear witness to God's appearance and work in the last days.

Tazama zaidi

Ulimwengu umezongwa na maangamizi katika siku za mwisho. Je, hili linatupa onyo lipi? Na tunawezaje kulindwa na Mungu katikati ya majanga?



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